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What Students Are Saying About The Ultrasonic Physics Review.

Debra, helped me pass my physics exam! Your questions helped a lot! The best thing about your mock exam was the explanations on why I missed a question. It helped me to understand, and I was able to go back and look at my study materials so I could review a specific section! Thanks so much Debra! Tiffani Datu RDMS

Debra von Bernuth is one of the most amazing physics teachers that I have come across. She doesn’t just help you memorize the material, she helps you to understand the concepts, which is the most important thing for passing the ARDMS SPI exam. On top of that, she does it with enthusiasm and spunk! Katherine Jones RDMS

Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely animated and gives life to a subject that would otherwise be very mundane. After taking her review course, I was able to pass the physics exam on my first attempt! I would definitely recommend her physics review to everyone! Cindy Owens RDMS

Debra is a brilliant and passionate teacher, who truly cares about her students! Physics is a seemingly difficult and boring subject, and her delivery makes complex material very accessible. Debra gives plenty of examples, and reinforces material learned previously, so that you’ll remember everything as you go. Her lectures are very entertaining as she teaches with a great sense of humor; which helps make learning physics less painful. After studying and taking her physics review, I have successfully passed the SPI. Thank you for everything, Debra!!! Joanie Chiu RDMS

Debra von Bernuth makes the challenging subject of ultrasound physics entertaining and easy to understand. Under her tutelage I passed the SPI with a 692 out of 700. She is a wonderful teacher! I love the funny (and educational) teaching style! Amanda Hunter RDMS

The Ultrasonic Review was very helpful. The mock exams were set up in a similar manner to the SPI registry exam, which allowed me to get a feel for the computerized exam. It covers the same topics and material that are on the registry exam. Lori Koressel RDMS

I passed my SPI Physics today!!!! Thanks for rescuing me! Brittany Zubiate RDMS

The mock exams really helped. Your questions made me think…… I passed the SPI exam. Thanks so much. Shelli Warner RDMS

I passed the SPI! Your review really helped!

Chris Miller RDMS