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f you are worried about passing your ultrasound physics test, don’t be! Our comprehensive, up-to-date, review has everything you need to pass your ARDMS SPI, CCI, or ARRT ultrasound physics test.

Sonographers are visual people, and this on-line, 12 hour physics review, turns difficult principles and concepts into material that you can easily see to understand. It’s like watching a movie. We have incorporated humor, stunning visual animations, interesting characters, a cast of actors, interactive games, as well as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers in ultrasound today into our state-of-the art physics review. We also have included over 650 questions and 2 full-length mock examinations to make sure that you are ready for your test.

This Ultrasonic Physics Review course focuses exactly on the material you need to pass your ultrasound physics test. We don’t overload you with unnecessary information. We provide you with the critical information you require to fully understand the concepts and principles involved. Our Ultrasonic Physics Review course follows the ARDMS SPI content outline. Included are the following sections.

Math Review

Symbols, Terms, Operations, Conversions, Reciprocals, Exponents, Scientific Notation, Units, Metric System, Metric Conversions, Direct and Indirect Proportionality, Distance Equation, Logarithms, Decibels, X & Y Axis, Cosines

Section 1 - Ultrasound Physics Principles

Wavelength, Sound Propagation, Frequency, Wavelength Equation, Pulsed Ultrasound – PRF, PRP, SPL, PD, DF, Amplitude, Power, Intensity, Half Value Layer, Intensity/Decibel Relationship, Intensity Values, Attenuation- Absorption , Reflection, Scatter, Contrast Agents, Transmission, Impedance, Refraction, Ultrasound Terminology

Section 2 – Ultrasound Transducers

Transducer Basics, Transducer Components, Bandwidth, Sensitivity, Q-Factor, Damping, Frequency Determination, Sound Beam Structure & Formation, Focal Depth, Beam Divergence, Sound Beam Focusing Techniques, Spatial Resolution – Slice Thickness & Axial, Transducer Types and Features

Section 3 – Pulse Echo Instrumentation

Distance Equation, Imaging modes, Temporal Resolution, Imaging System Components, Pulse Echo Receiver, Scan Converter, Pre & Post Processing, Display, Archiving & Storage, Imaging Artifacts

Section 4 – Doppler Instrumentation & Hemodynamics

Hemodynamics, Doppler Shift, Doppler Instruments, Pulsed Wave, Continuous Wave, Doppler System Components, Spectral Analysis, Color Doppler, Packet Size, Autocorrelation, Doppler Artifacts, Power Doppler, Doppler Image Optimization

Section 5 – Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Purpose & Objectives, Testing Devices, Testing Parameters

Section 6 – Patient Care, Communication, Safety

Patient Interaction, HIPAA, Emergencies, Universal Precautions, Bio-effect Concepts, ALARA Principle, Bio-effect Techniques, Bio-effect Mechanisms, Safety Standards


Throughout each section are short quizzes or interactive games to help you retain and recall what you have just learned.

Mock Examinations

After you have completed the review, there are two full-length, timed, mock examinations. These will assist you in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, giving you that all-important confidence boost.

If you don’t know where to start, and have put off studying until the last minute, it’s not too late. We show you what you need to learn. We guide you in the right direction. We help you pass your test!

Course: $295