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Taking your ARDMS SPI registry credentialing examination is a significant step in your life and career. You should not underestimate this challenge, nor should you fear it. It represents an attainable goal that will no doubt enhance and benefit you throughout your life. Successful completion of the examination is a milestone in your professional life, and the effort you put forth in preparation, will no doubt enhance the knowledge and skills you already use in your work. In addition to sharpening your competencies as a professional sonographer, passing your credentialing examination will provide you with choices. Doors that may now be closed to you will swing open, and you will have more career options available from which to choose.

Here is some information that relates to the SPI examination.

The SPI examination contains 110 questions, and each candidate is given 120 minutes to complete the examination.

More information related to the ARDMS SPI examination can be found at:

The website provides the following pertinent information:

How to apply for the SPI examination
Prerequisites for the SPI examination
SPI Content Specific Outline
Tutorials on how to answer Advanced Item types of questions (semi-interactive console questions).

Note that 10% of the questions on the SPI exam are semi-interactive console type questions, while the other 90% are traditional multiple choice type questions. Be sure to access the following link on the ARDMS website, in order to familiarize yourself with these types of questions.